Corrections to AN007 and AN016

For the benefit of those planning to attend our presentation on Forth Day 15 November, minor corrections have been posted for the recently published documents App Note AN007 (dated 12 Nov) and App Note AN016 (dated 11 Nov).


New App Note AN007 (Software-Defined NIC)

App Note AN007, Software-Defined NIC…, has been newly issued. A software-defined full duplex 10baseT Network Interface Controller is implemented as a team of nodes controlling transmit and receive signal pins directly. The signals are conditioned by minimal electrical interface circuitry. External transmit timing is used. The team is designed to function as a memory-mapped device […]


New App Note AN016 (PID Controller)

App Note AN016, Incremental PID Controller for a Brushed DC Motor, has been newly issued. The work of Daniel Kalny, this paper describes how to control speed of a brushed DC motor equipped with an optical encoder using a PID controller in a closed loop system. The theory of regulation is well described in literature. […]